Feedback Vlog

This is a short video that we constructed telling the audience about the very helpful constructive feedback that we got for the first part of our ancillary work. Furthermore this is going to help us to make sure that the poster follows the typical features and conventions that we want to include when producing our own poster of this unit. Not only this but we had the help of our fellow, who we are aiming this project at, and they were the biggest help because they gave us some WWW and EBI and how we can make the poster better and more attracting to the audience.

And So We Begin!

Today was the first day of filming for the horror trailer: Forest Of The Unknown

We began by filming the forest scene with our actor Callum Henn. He was a brilliant actor and I think he did a brilliant job when making the scene look eerie and scary. All of the clips have been done and they are all ready to be edited together. Once we return back to school we will need to record the school scenes because we could do it during the half term period but we really want the atmosphere to be a realistic as possible and so the students will provide this.

Final Cut Pro will be the piece of software that we will be collating and editing all of the images together to make sure that the transitions are smooth and the film clip as well.

I will keep you posted with further developments in the coming days.

Production Planning & Filming

And so as the time for filming because ever closer I have take some time to quickly let you know about what I am currently thinking of and currently planning before the start of this week. Me and Sam have been in constant contact and we have agree to do the filming on Tuesday/Wednesday and this will be the scene in the woods/forest. We either be filming on both days to make sure that we get the clips to the best we can and to get the best visually appealing trailer to the audience. But also we have planned these because the weather may take a turn for worse, but hopefully not, but this is just a precautionary measure that we will have implemented.

On the day(s) of recording I will be recording a Location video, and posting it onto my YouTube channel with a link on here as well, which will give the audience a behind scenes glimpse of the location of our main part of the trailer as well as sowing you the props that will be making an appearance throughout the trailer.

Sunday/Monday will be a day of finalising ideas and contacting all of the members that are a part of this production about the final arrangements but I will also be blogging/uploading a post with final shot lists and camera angles and the final round up before filming will begin. Can’t wait for this to begin!

Whilst the filming is going underway, the preparation and the planning for the ancillary work will begin as well. We will have the correct equipment to make sure that the pictures have the best resolution and are the closest to real film posters that are out there at the moment.

Overall I can’t wait for the production to start because I think that this is going to be a really good trailer and I really wants this to be successful and I am excited for it to begin. Not only this but everything else is being planned such as the website and the poster (ancillary) and then it will finally be brought together for the Forest Of The Unknown!

What’s Next?

Well seeing as I have proof read and checked all of my work to make sure that it is up to date and done to the best of my ability I now need to know what needs to be done next before production can start.

The first and most vital part of what is needed next is a production schedule/plan which is going to briefly explain when this specific part of the trailer is going to be filmed as well as the location of the scene(s). this I going to be thought of and planned out within the next 5 – 7 days and we will hope to stick by this whilst production is taking place. Furthermore me and Sam have been researching styles of fonts to use for the poster (as the title) and other fonts that will be making numerous appearances of the trailer and the website as well which will take place the same time as the trailer is being constructed and edited.

Overall I am hoping that we can plan an work out when our actors are available to record the trailer and this will be done through constant through phone and social networking sites to make sure that we are within perfect time and are like “well oiled cogs” working together for success.