Props – What Will We Need For Production?

Props are very important for production of any trailer but inparticual horror trailers. This is because it can really set the scene for the rest of the project but it can also be the vital piece of equipment that makes the trailer better than any others.

Prop List:

  • Fake Blood
  • Specific weapon
  • Ripped/dirty clothing for costumes
  • Some sort of home video camera to make it look like a personal recording gone wrong.

As a progress through this stage I will be constantly updating this blog to let you know what props I have already acquired and which props I still need to get and what stage we currently at, at that moment.

All of this planning is vital for our production because it means that we will be ready for when recording starts in a couple of weeks time. The props are going to make the film as realistic as possible with the resources and time that we have for this project/production.

We seem to have most of the props that are going to be featured within our trailer however we still need to get the fake blood which, I think, will be the key element for making the production more appealing to out target audience.