Here are some of the picture that we took whilst filming and producing the trailer from FOREST OF THE UNKNOWN:

They have ben taken in the two main locations for our trailer at The Regis School and Hotham Park. We had to slightly change the photos compared to the ones that we planned on the sheet prevfiously uploaded and there were slme reasons behind this. The first reason was that for the dominant that was going to be used for the poster we had to not use the idea of having a blood soaked and this was because the lighting was just a bit to dim, to quickly and this meant that the image was completly out of focus and this made it look blurry and not very nice. Another reason was that we tried to resovle this by using a flash on the camera that Sam had brought with us to the forest but there was an issue with this as well. The flash made the image look to “artificial” and didnt give the correct connotations off that we had orgianlly planned and so we had to think of another way that we could have the dominant on the front of the poster.

And so as a result we thought of the idea that we culd have the protagonist looking and catching up to Callum very quickly and so with Callum looking behind we thought that we would give the impression that something is about to happen to Callum and straight away after the disappearance of Ben in the forest.


These are all of the picture that we have so far taken and as you can see the main focus is on Callum, who is the main character throughout the trailer. We wanted to have the realxed school look about things because it menas that some students/people of this age bracket could relate to the situation that they have been put in, in some way or another.

As a result this is the type of connotation that we were originally going for when producing the photos



This is the planning for the photoshoot that is going to used with our print/ancilliary work. I will be explaining the boxes in more detail below because I feel that the boxes aren’t big enough to fully explain.

For the first box I haven’t actually filled this in and I am now going to talk about why I haven’t done this. The reason for not doing this is because me and Sam have decided that for our poster we are going to just have the hand in shot and one of our chosen props either on the ground or stuck into the ground. The denotation of this is that the victim has been invloved with the antagonist but we want to give the connotation that they don’t know who was attacked and how. So in a way the villain is in there but it is only the prop and that will be in full view of the audience.

With regards to the location box we have decided to use the background of a forest. This is because we want to get the same sort of effect as with the poster for Friday The 13th. That poster denotates the villian of the film but also gives the movies the sense of power and fright that we want to go for as well. Connotations of the colour scheme is something that we are going to make sure that we get correct as well. This is because the colours red and black and very significant and common throughout most ancilliary pieces of work of r horror films and we want to represent the same sort of ideas as well.

For the camera angles I want to make sure that we use the low angle shot for the poster work. The reason behind this is that this camera angle connotes power, strength and makes victims look vulnerable to weapons or antagonists. The framing is going to be, on some steps, using the rule of third technique. The prop will be in the foreground of the and the hand of the victim in the middle ground and then the viewing of the isolated area in the background to fully display the location and the setting of the rest of the trailer.

The lighting used for the poster will be that I want to make the colours as dark as possible because the connotations of dark, dingy places gives the full impression of the severity of that particular film. However emphasise will also want to be on the hand of the victim to let them know of some possibility of it being marginally safe. The same lighting hade been used on the poster for Friday The 13th and this is what I want the outcome to be.