360 Branding Marketing Campaign – Avengers Assemble

I have been looking at the way in which the 2012 box office hit The Avengers carried out a marketing campaign for the film.

The start of their marketing campaign happen in 2008 when the first iron man film was released. This is because iron Man is one of the main characters in the box office hit Avengers. Later that year the incredible hulk was released and at the end of the film Tony Stark (Iron Man) walks in to the bar and says to the general “I’m putting a team together” and this is a reference towards this successful film. Further clips of the soon to be Avengers’s Assemble film is in the next successful marvel film Iron Man 2. In this film Captain America’s shield is handed to Tony Stark, which has been recked/destroyed, and it is used to level up and hold a laser up for Tony’s next project

At the end of every film starring Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain there has always been a reference, and in a way advertising The Avengers, at the end either starring Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) who is the head of the S.H.I.E.L.D who is putting the team together for the plot of the film.

There have also been numerous TV interviews about the film and there was even a world premiere for the film as well. Mark Ruffalo (who plays the incredible) was on the Graham Norton advertising and explaining each character and what the film was generally. ¬†They had even leaked a clip of the film as well along with the poster of the film. The film was advertised hugely on talk shows with Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres shows also promoting the film. When it came to the trailer itself they got straight to the point and they got straight into the action and they didn’t try and build suspense.

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Twitter and Facebook became a massive hit with the Avengers because this was the perfect opportunity to actually advertise and promote the film along with cinema tickets etc.

The social media has become a vital part of all advertising for any type of new film being released. This is because the online industry has become a part of everyone lives and its probably the easiest way to let people know of any new “Rumours” or new releases. The amrketuing side of the film is very inmportant and the fact that they have technically been advertising since the first Iron Man film, all of the talk shows appearances and radio shows etc. played a huge part prior to this film being released.

Roles within the film:

Within the film itself there are certain elements that suggests that it isn’t just for young teenagers/young kids. Robert Downey Jr. shows us that there is a violent side and angry side to Iron Man and we can notice this in his own films that he has produced but also things don’t go to plan in this film. A particularly common character who has an angry side and uses his ability to threaten and kill a lot of the villains is Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye. There are two characters who would appeal themselves to the younger/female demographic. this is because of their build and fatigue and they would know as the “Hunks” of the film. But this would also appeal to the younger audience because they would look up to them and aspire to be what they portray themselves as in the film.


The marketing was obviously successful because they hit $1,511,757,910 on the box office with on a $220,000,000 budget for the film. it has also appealed to people than the stereotype of males because 50% over 25, 40% female, 55% couples and 24% families and this just shows how successful this film was