Location – Film Set

For the location of the trailer/poster we have deicided to record our footage in Hotham Park. We chose this particular area of Bognor Regis because the surrounding area is well populated with trees and other useful locations/mise-en-scene.

This is because mixed in with the dark skies will be a good location because we can also add the effects of snapping of sticks and the tense atmosphere will make this is a good location. Furthermore I also liked one of the entrance to the park because it had an eerie atmosphere about it. This type of setting is a stereotypical location for horror films and this is why we have chosen this setting.


For the park as a whole there are varies location is which we could record the scenes for our film trailer because of the vast areas of greenery that are available for us in Hotham Park. the vast size of out chosen location can be seen below. As a filming location, I feel that this is very well suited to our needs, because it has a number of different locations that will be perfect for us.

birds eye view

To conclude this is the best location for this film because not only is this a stereotypical location for horror films but it also has an eerie feel and it could be classed as a very secluded/isolated location where help is going to be near impossible. This is the location that me and Sam have decided to use and we will start to record the different scenes in the next 3 – 4 weeks.

As the clocks will soon be going forward this means that the earlier and earlier it gets the darker it will ultimately get and this is going to be a great advantage for us. This is because it means we will have more time to film and also it means that we will be given more chances to get the production to the best that we can.

Another location is obviously The Regis School. This is where the scenes before and after the forest scene will take place. We have decided to use this location because we want the trailer to be as realistic as possible but not only this but most horror trailers/movies are involved with children/students. Also the actual atmosphere of the The Regis School is very calm and we think that this will be the best scene for the dialogue scene.

regis school