Research & Planning

We have completed a storyboard for the preliminary production task for this part of the unit. We have made sure that the pictures/images of the storyboard are clear and well presented to make it easy to follow and to know what the story is about. On the story board itself we have listed the different camera angles being used and in what way this effect is going to be used for this short preliminary production. We have used a variety of different camera shots and different transitions between each scene.Story1 Story2

After this has been done we will then publish post a new blog about the storyboard as a whole and then about the script will then upload as well.

05/07/2013 – Shooting Schedule & Shot List

We are coming towards the end of our planning stages for this task and we are set to record the clip in the next couple of days. We have produced a shooting schedule which is a guideline in a way and will help us to see what props we will be using and the actors that will be include in this preliminary production film clip. We have also included a Shot LIst. This has been produced because it will allow us to what kind of shots we will possibly be using for each scene. Not only this but it allows us to see what shows work well within that particular environment and what shot types don’t work as well as we would have hoped for.

Here is a look at the shooting schedule and the shot list that we have produced:

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 12.01.58Shot List

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