Smiley – Website Analysis

The website for the horror film Smiley really is one of the simplest that I have seen whilst doing this research. This is because there is nothing else on the webpage except for this one still image.  The image used is just a simple image of the cast of teh film and from this it doesn’t denotate anything about the film or anything about the main antagonists/villian that is going to be the main focus for this film.

For this reason I think that this website subverts the common conventions/look of other horror websites that I have seen.

Also there is an opportunity to watch the film online but I would assume that you would have had the purchase the film first and set up an account which isn’t very appealing to me as the potential audience of this film.


Aside from this the typography of the title isn’t very appealing either to me, the audience and the age group that I am targeting. The style of the font seems very basic and the standard type that you commonly see. Furthermore compared to something like SAW which uses blood stains and as if it has been written using a finger and pitchfork for the W, this font is very basic. The colours are just white, which still connotes purity and innocence which won’t be the case for any horror film but they use a faded images of blood stains which in some way can be effective but other ways make no difference what so ever. This connotation has been shown becuause eventhough the audience might believe that something gruesoe is going to happen, something may influence this typical convention. I particularly don’t like the way that the title has been constructed because it is very basic and the


But overall the colours as a whole as well as the images/links are common conventions of all horror websites for the audience to see.

Also, there is the synopsis of the film displayed on the page, just above the menu. One thing that I really don’t like is the fact that they used the same images/slogan twice. As a result I think that they haven’t put lot effort into the construction of this website and it makes it look boring and plain and thereis hardly anything that properly denotates the film well.

The links used on this website are like other horror websites previously analysed but there are some particular difference about the one for this website. They use the typical “gallery” and “videos” but this tab is definitely different to others. when clicking on “videos” other websites would get straight to the point and play the trailer to give the audience a taste of what the film will be like and whether or not they will like it or not. However this link just takes you to a load of YouTube videos about the film and, once again, looks like they haven’t taken time into this website. And obscurity of this website is a tab called “lulz”. Personally this tab is completely irrelevant and not needed and to me makes the website look even worse and less appealing to me.


And so to conclude this website has got some good things about it overall this isn’t something that I will be using/basing my website on and I was quite shocked about the level of effort that hadn’t been taken and I think they should try and re-do the website to make sure that it looks more appealing for all audiences

Audience Research Write Up

The aims of this research was to find out what people specifically like about horror films and in turn this will help us to gives us ideas when creating the website, the poster and the main trailer as well. The feedback will allow us  to make sure that we get the right codes and conventions so that our products meet the needs of the audience.

We have decided to construct the audience research in two forms. The first form was with the use of an online survey application. I wasn’t very comfortable with using survey monkey so I found a new way of collecting and creating new questions for this project. Fluid Survey allowed us to easy create the questions with multiple choice sections and text responses as well. The second form was a common and very effective way; this is the form of the filming of a focus group. We did this with three occupants that responded to the questions that we had constructed.



We chose respondents that would be the within the 15 – 18 age bracket. This is because this age group is getting increasingly more interested in the horror genre of films and this would be the perfect opportunity to get the views and opinions of the people who watch this type of genre.

Fluid Survey Analysis:

From this research we saw that there where more males and females and this is stereotype that we have found and this is that males prefer to watch horror films because most horrors films consist of violence, and jump scares that females aren’t that comfortable with watching. This information was the same with the focus group research that we constructed as well.

This is a graph that I have put together which shows the vast viewers of 15 – 18 and this is how popular the horror genre has become.

From this particular question alone I can now plan the designs in more depth for the creation of this project. Like my research I thought that the target audience should be between the age brackets 15 – 18. This I because they are the primary users/viewers of this type of film genre. Not only this but with being within these age brackets as well I know the specific ins and outs of what makes horror films good for this age range. Blood and Gore seems to be the main focus of any horror films and this is something that I am still thinking and incorporating within my own project however as I have found out from other questions asked, this may not be the case.

tgt Audience

This is another particular question which is going to influence my choose of designs/storyboarding. From what I assumed blood and gore was going to be the main focus for my horror films because 15 – 18 seems to be extremely attracted to anything that involves these factors. But from my research I found out that Parodic is the most popular aspect from the responses that I received. This was quite surprising and I will have to think about whether or not I am going to include some comedy parts within the trailer, if I am going to make it all comedy (Scary Movie) or if I am not going to do any Parodic events all together.

From this research alone this is definitely going to effect the decision making of this trailer because it will ultimately mean that will know how to specifically target this audience, through social media (which will be the major use of targeting) and the images etc, but also will help me to decide what conventions I will use, which will connote the ideas and feelings of the trailer and all of my ancillary work towards the audience that I have targeted and set in stone.

The sub genres within horror are going to be very important for me because it means that I will have to take into account what my audience are going to be more interested in watching and this is going to have an adverse effect of the overall outcome of the trailer. Furthermore I will have to get the balance just right to ensure that the audience that are watching my trailer and going to enjoy it and not be put off from it because of the type of horroer that I have decided to go with.

sub genres

These findings are something that I am not surprised to see. This is because regardless of the age range, the male gender was always going to be the main focus for my project. Not only this but males are more prone to watching horror films because they feel as though they can handle the sight of blood, gore or any of the psychological views/events within the films.


Focus Group Analysis:

We have also constructed and recorded a focus group with three people from the same age bracket that was so popular. We asked some very open questions which included:

  • What Do You Specifically Like About Horror Films?
  • Do You Watch Horror Films Regularly
  • Do All Horror Films Need To Include Gore/Violence And Why?
  • What Do You Expect To See From Horror Films?
  • Whats Your Ideal Version Of A Horror Film?


Dark colours and the way that the character is portrayed is vital for the success of this project. The audience had responded by saying that they would benefit from seeing dark colours because this is the typical stereotype and the colours that we would normally associate with horror trailers/films. This is going to be a key aspect because I want to make sure that the connotations and denotations given off by the colours within this construction are correct and that it looks good for the audience that I am targeting.

This information is for the horror genre as a whole we can also get research to help us with the individual projects such as the website and the poster (ancillary work)but the main focus of this was to help us with the creation of the trailer to make sure that we got it right when following conventions and getting the audience drawn in as well.


I did encounter some problems  when collecting the results, especially on Fluid Survey. This is because when asking “What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?” people weren’t responding seriously and they where responding with content that has no relation and will not help me in any way to plan and design the three aspects of this project.

However next time I feel I will ask the same question but give them a some options that they can just tick in order to make sure that the results aren’t serious and have relation to my context.

Overall I am very happy with the research that I undertook for this part of the project. with regards for the results, I have some mixed feelings because some of the information gathered, particularly with the smaller closed questions are going to be very helpful when deciding what factors to introduce when producing and planning the production of this film trailer.

Audience Research|Media Studies Focus Group

This is our media studies focus group that has been uploaded to Youtube and here is the video:

For this video we where asking questions similar to those that where on the Fluid Survey website. And I think that this was a great thing to do because it meant that we could find out first hand what things made horror films appeal to the audience of my chosen age bracket. I think that some of these answers are going to influence the way that we create the content because eventhough the fluid survey was good and it will be helpful, this focu group is going to really help us and beneficial in some way or another.

Potential Audience Research

I have compiled a couple of images that represents the demographics (age,ethnicity) and the psychographics of the horror genre.

The first is the age/year groups that like to and prefer to watch horror films. There are a lot of films that have ben released recently that have lowered the age rating of their horror films to 15 from 18. They would have done this because it means that they can reach a wider range of audience and get groups to go to the cinema and watch the films. Furthermore a lot of 15 year olds like horror aspects within films and particularly video games such as Dead Rising and other various zombie films.  Gore and other horror related items are becoming more common in video but there always seems to be violent scenes in  most films that are released.


I think that the main gender of the horror film target audience is most likely Males, I think teen males would be more likely to watch horror film as the simple stereotype of males being the more ‘harder to scare’ gender, whereas females are supposedly easier to scare and quite feminine. Horror film is also a typical ‘date’ film because the male gender feel they can ‘show off’ and ‘protect’ the female, and the female would enjoy this. Not only this but we also see the male as being the person who will “save the day” and not protect the females, but protect everyone as well

The next significant aspect is the psychographics of an individual. There has been speculation that watching horror films could influence the way that members of the public act and could lead to violence and has been the cause of it as well. The attitude of fans could make them paranoid and scared to walk into unfamiliar territories or walk into dark rooms just after watching the film. These actions/superstitions are a common aspect when watching horror films. When seeing the victim screaming it is always showing a female and this relates back to the connotation that females are the more vulnerable out of the two genders and that they are not able to “defend” themselves against whatever character is the main focus of that film.

male heroes

Props are a big influence within horror films. Friday The 13th is a good example of props being used and they are commonly used within the Slasher sub genre of Horror. They are a big influence and they are a major part of these films. Chainsaws and other weapons can also give the impression of what the perpetraitor is like emotionally and whether or not he/she has any guilt/remorse for they have done in the film. Bladed weapons are denotated often in horror films and seems to be the main weapon of choice and leave the audience thinking about what the villian is like

horror (1)

Social Media is a very popular source of infomration for this age bracket and it is something that is bound to promote a film for either the bad reasons or the good reasons. Adverts can be created on Facebook to ensure that members of the public get notified about the upcoming films prior to release. Most films are advertised either beofre or on the same day as they are on the TV because nearly everybody has access to the social media and this can contribute to the success of the film when it hits the cinema. In relation to my own product I can advertise the trailer and website on my account and get the information across to the audience that are of the same age bracket as myself.

facebook twittericon

I would assume that the audience of my specified horror trailer would like to eat/drink very sugary products. this is because the film would normally be watched with a group of friends “huddled” together and with no lights on watching the film whilst having sweets and drinks. Not only this but the same would happen within the cinema with the temptation of feasting out on sugary products.

sugary products200429986-001

Website Analysis – Paranormal Activity 4

For my next website that I will be analysing for the horro genre, it is Paranormal Activity 4. I don’t think that this website comes close to that of World War Z but it is very good in its own way. The first thing that I find good about this website is in fact the homepage. it is very simple but I think it is very effective as well. They have just simply shown what appears to be a quick glimpse of the film. I think that this is effective because it shows the girl happily sleep and then there is just a shadowy figure appearing in the background. This is a good technique for trying to entice the audience and this could be a good idea for trying to get them to watch the film on DVD, Blu Ray or a digital copy.


On the other hand they have added a feature which is of the same as World War Z. This is shown when you first go onto the webpage. As soon as the page loads a YouTube link opens with the trailer being shown to the public straight away. this is a good technique, and also a common convention, because it gives the audience of glimpse of the film and the first impressions about the film will be made up after viewing the trailer.


The actual simplicity of this website is something that I really like and I am thinking about doing something like this when it comes to creating the website.

With regard to the colour scheme they have done well in this area as well. They have kept to the common convention of using dark colours such as black and red. The use of the shadowy figure is very effective because even though it doesn’t fully show what it is to the audience it still connotes the mystical and slightly tense atmosphere. As a whole this feature is effective and I feel that I may use something along these lines when producing my own website for this project.

title PA4

Furthermore the way in which the title has been created is giving the sense that it is slowly fading away and I think that this represents the possible life of either the girl in shot or of the whole family.

Apart from the figure in the middle of the shot, this homepage is very basic and there isn’t anything to draw the attention away from the centre of the web page. With regards for the rest of the web page it has the typical conventions that are very common with, not just horror, but with any other film websites. There are other tabs such as “Gallery” and “About”.

menu pa4

These are good features to have because it means that fans feel as though they are getting exclusive access to behind the scene images or images of the web page that can persuade them to go and view the movie. This website, I think, subverts the features of a normal horror website because even though it does in fact shows some horror elements there is only one main image that really draws in the attention of the audience. Now this could seen as a good idea but I would feel more intrigued if there was something else on the home screen that shows me something else about this film.

Overall I like the way that this website has been constructed because there are certain aspects hat can leave the audience “on edge” because they don’t know the full story and this can be a good feature to use when creating website home pages.

World War Z – Website Analysis

For our project we are thinking about creating a website for the trailer that we are creating. By analysing current websites this will help us when deciding what to include when we create our own website. And for this website I believe that they have followed the conventions of what a horror webiste should consist of for it to be successful.

I think that this website is very good and very effective. This is because it has reviews being displayed at the footer of the page and this is a good technique when trying to entice customers to go and watch the film when it gets released. Furthermore it also plays the trailer of the movie in the background of the whole page and this is something that I am thinking of doing when it comes to creating our website.

The menu for this film is very well hidden and it can catch the audience out in some way. It has been made using a drop down menu and as a result it makes the whole webpage seem bigger and that everything isn’t crammed in at once to try and fit everything in. This is a very good and effective way of creating the menu for a film website. I believe this because it means that the audience aren’t going to get distracted by anything that may catch their eye and gives them time to fully watch the trailer and make up there minds about what they think of the film. When looking at this website, I originally thought that it didn’t contain a menu with anything else but the trailer, however I noticed a “+” sign next to the “Menu” and this was interesting. once you hover over it the menu appears down the left hand side of the webpage and then vice versa for when you go to get rid of the menu.

World War Z Menu

World War Z Menu

menu2 Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 12.54.43

They have changed the website because of the film being released on the 17th September 2013. They have allowed website to have a designated area to buy the film for blu ray, 3D blu ray or you can “Enter Site”. I think that this is good feature to have because it allows the audience to buy the film or they can access the website to see what they think of the film before they think about buying it.

Something that really caught my eye about this website was that it was optimized specifically for Google Chrome. This is because when you load the website it plays the actual trailer very smoothly and without any problems. However when played on normal internet Explorer it plays the trailer of the movie but not as smooth as the website on Google Chrome

With regards to colour scheme this is very good actually. The main colour scheme is a dark red and obviously black. this is good because these two colours are used so often for Zombie/horror films that it almost becomes human nature that we associate these colours with this genre when we see these colours. The connotation of red is significant for blood, anger and it some ways revenge as well.

And finally the typography of the website has been used to a great extent as well. This is because they have used the red, blood dripping effect which is very effective because it connotes the death and violent side of things that are associated with most horror films. Furthermore the use of the Z is very good as well. This is because the Z represents the basis of the film but I think that it connotes much more than just that. The letter Z is the last letter of the alphabet and I think that it has been used to show that the earth has come to the end and there is no hope of ever going back to what it used to be.

As a whole this website is very effective because it acts in way that entices the audience and gets them submerged into film and gets their full concentration, no distractions.

This website is good example of a horror website because it looks very basic but I believe that it is very effective and it is good for promoting and advertising the movie as well.

Untitled-1 copy

360 Branding Marketing Campaign – Avengers Assemble

I have been looking at the way in which the 2012 box office hit The Avengers carried out a marketing campaign for the film.

The start of their marketing campaign happen in 2008 when the first iron man film was released. This is because iron Man is one of the main characters in the box office hit Avengers. Later that year the incredible hulk was released and at the end of the film Tony Stark (Iron Man) walks in to the bar and says to the general “I’m putting a team together” and this is a reference towards this successful film. Further clips of the soon to be Avengers’s Assemble film is in the next successful marvel film Iron Man 2. In this film Captain America’s shield is handed to Tony Stark, which has been recked/destroyed, and it is used to level up and hold a laser up for Tony’s next project

At the end of every film starring Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain there has always been a reference, and in a way advertising The Avengers, at the end either starring Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) who is the head of the S.H.I.E.L.D who is putting the team together for the plot of the film.

There have also been numerous TV interviews about the film and there was even a world premiere for the film as well. Mark Ruffalo (who plays the incredible) was on the Graham Norton advertising and explaining each character and what the film was generally.  They had even leaked a clip of the film as well along with the poster of the film. The film was advertised hugely on talk shows with Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres shows also promoting the film. When it came to the trailer itself they got straight to the point and they got straight into the action and they didn’t try and build suspense.

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 10.22.12

Twitter and Facebook became a massive hit with the Avengers because this was the perfect opportunity to actually advertise and promote the film along with cinema tickets etc.

The social media has become a vital part of all advertising for any type of new film being released. This is because the online industry has become a part of everyone lives and its probably the easiest way to let people know of any new “Rumours” or new releases. The amrketuing side of the film is very inmportant and the fact that they have technically been advertising since the first Iron Man film, all of the talk shows appearances and radio shows etc. played a huge part prior to this film being released.

Roles within the film:

Within the film itself there are certain elements that suggests that it isn’t just for young teenagers/young kids. Robert Downey Jr. shows us that there is a violent side and angry side to Iron Man and we can notice this in his own films that he has produced but also things don’t go to plan in this film. A particularly common character who has an angry side and uses his ability to threaten and kill a lot of the villains is Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye. There are two characters who would appeal themselves to the younger/female demographic. this is because of their build and fatigue and they would know as the “Hunks” of the film. But this would also appeal to the younger audience because they would look up to them and aspire to be what they portray themselves as in the film.


The marketing was obviously successful because they hit $1,511,757,910 on the box office with on a $220,000,000 budget for the film. it has also appealed to people than the stereotype of males because 50% over 25, 40% female, 55% couples and 24% families and this just shows how successful this film was