Poster Creation| Part 3

We have had a bit of a role change within our group and Sam is going to take over the rest of the poster from which I have started to create. This is because he has now completed the website that we have decided and constructed for this unit of work. As a result I am going to be fully focused and concentrated on the editing of out film trailer to make sure that it is the best of our and my own ability.

My final draft of the poster:    

This is the final stage that I have got to and I have taken some inspiration from other horror posters that we had been researching whilst the creation of this poster had begun. The tagline for “coming Soon” has been situated at the top of the poster because our research showed us that most of the information about the film is placed at the top of the poster and then at the bottom of the poster I have started to include the small print such as the  creator, director, production/casting tam etc. From this point on Sam will be taking over and there is still some aspects that we need to include such as the logo and various other conventions such as the taglines to give it that really horror feel.

I changed the place of the title as well and gave it the effect of being stacked on top of each other. And this was changed because of further inspiration at I got when me and Sam constructed some further research to find out what makes a good horror film poster.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 08.42.36

Draft Poster

Before I got to this stage I was experimenting with other postions for the title and also experimenting with different taglines as well. On this copy I was using the same Bloodfeast font because not only had decided on this font but it still gives off the right connotation that are associated with horror posters. The tagline was something that I was playing around with whilst constructing the image was what type of tagline should we have. The whole idea of the tagline was going to something that would stick in the mind of the audience and the connotation that I wanted was that I wanted the forest to see as a person and in a way because the forest is the antagonist this is something that the audience will hopefully respond well to and so I came up with:

I dont know if we are going to change the tagline in any way but we have been communicatin and there some other ideas that we have floating around in our heads. so we will test them out and see which one looks better for the poster of Forest Of The Unknown.

Tagline1 copy

The next stage of development was deciding where the title of the film should go. I was looking at the research and planning that I had done and I staretd to see a pattern with the title and this was that of the title was fairly long, then it would be stacked on top of each other and, personally, I wanted to do this as well. However to fully denotate the feelings of all horror posters I had to think of where the title was going to go. this was because the posters researched either had the title stretched across the middle or near the top of the page.

The title must be in the perfect place for the poster because this is what is going to attract the audience and entice them into the poster to get them to watch the film/trialer in the first place. And so as a result at the moment the title is going to kept at the top of the page because this the main thing that people look at when they see the poster, the top.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 10.10.33

Poster Creation Part 2

I have now hit the next stage of development for the poster and I am now up to the stage of combining all of my ideas for the poster and coming up with quick drats for the poster/ancilliary work.

The first idea was the picture that I was going to use and this has been decided by me and Sam and we chose a picture of our actor, Callum Henn, looking behind him and looking as if he has just seen the horrific creature which may have taken the life of his best friend. The lighting of the picture is very important because it means that you can really see the expression of the victim and you can establish the level of fear that running through his veins.

The pink lines are colums that are there as placeholders for text/images

The pink lines are colums that are there as placeholders for text/images

I think that the location is a very good and secluded place as well. This is the perfect location for this because the secludedness of the area is ideal for a horror film because it means that help is going to be very miniscule and as a result something terrible is bound to happen to the victims of the forest.

This is the first stage of the creation for the poster, we had included other images as a replacement to see what they would look like but we believe that this picture is the right one for the job in hand.

The next part of the creation that I had done was to include the logo of our film company and thinking of taglines is a common convention of most poster posters and we want to make sure that we follow these conventions and carry them over onto our own ancilliary work. This is the dominant image that we have chosen for the moment but we are still currently experimenting with different close ups on photoshop but I will be showing and evidencing this very soon.

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 11.58.58

We had been further experimneting with diffferent ideas and ways in which we were going to have the layout of the conventions such as the logo and the positioning of the masthead as well. Furthermore we kept on checking real life examples of horror posters to try and get the same sort of feel and if it wasnt correct or didnt look like a horror poster, we would change it again and adapt it to make it look more appealing to the audience.

Trailer Production/Creation Part 1

The construction for the trailer has officially begun and this is where I will be uploading specific stages of the construction elements and talking about why I chose these certain aspects.

The first aspect that we had to decide on was if there was going to be a sound track/clip being played in the background whilst the trailer was being played. The decision as that we where going to use a sound track of some sort because it meant that we could make the trailer seem eerie but on another level and this would connote feelings emotionally and to hook the audience into the trailer.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.49.09

This piece of music really grabbed our attention because the first thing that hit us was the title that included “Don’t Look or it Takes You” and this is basically the theory/plot of the story and this is ideal for our movie trailer.

And now because the music for the rest of the trailer has been set we now started the trailer and we decided to use one of the clips as the start of the trailer and in particular the piece of film with sound and no film. This is because the sound plays a major part in a horror film/trailer and so we thought that just having the audience hear running through woods and sticks breaking that this would be very effective. But from this it jumps straight into the trailer and it is like a teaser part of the trailer to see and show the audience what they can expect.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.37.30

As you can see from the screenshot we have a caption suggesting that they didn’t know what hit them and made the decision of using this because I think that this will be very effective because in some ways in makes the audience think what could possible be attacking/hunting the two actors down in the forest. The production logo has been included as well because it when looking at similar horror film trailers they always show the production company’s logo as a form of advertising and letting them know who has made this film.

All of the effects and editing has been done using the effects that are selected in the top row under the screen preview. these have become very useful because it means that the fade in and out can be used to the full potential that we originally intended for and get the full effect across to the audience. The use of the text functions as well has allowed us to put messages within the trailer itself and connote specific emotions towards the other characters and the audience at the same time.



Text Options

Text Options

Our Production Company

Our Production Company

To make sure that the clips are edited correctly and that no background noise has been detected/picked up from anywhere else I used the precision editor setting to really go through the clips and slowly pick out all of the un needed sections to make the clips as realistic as possible. This is a really good aspect of iMovie because it means that the full use of any connotation implemented into the trailer can be used to the maximum ability. Throughout the construction of the trailer we had changed a couple of parts such as clips because they would have been too difficult to film with the light and this could be a slight disadvantage if the quality of it isn’t very good to try and edit and implement.

Precision Editor

Precision Editor


Here are some of the picture that we took whilst filming and producing the trailer from FOREST OF THE UNKNOWN:

They have ben taken in the two main locations for our trailer at The Regis School and Hotham Park. We had to slightly change the photos compared to the ones that we planned on the sheet prevfiously uploaded and there were slme reasons behind this. The first reason was that for the dominant that was going to be used for the poster we had to not use the idea of having a blood soaked and this was because the lighting was just a bit to dim, to quickly and this meant that the image was completly out of focus and this made it look blurry and not very nice. Another reason was that we tried to resovle this by using a flash on the camera that Sam had brought with us to the forest but there was an issue with this as well. The flash made the image look to “artificial” and didnt give the correct connotations off that we had orgianlly planned and so we had to think of another way that we could have the dominant on the front of the poster.

And so as a result we thought of the idea that we culd have the protagonist looking and catching up to Callum very quickly and so with Callum looking behind we thought that we would give the impression that something is about to happen to Callum and straight away after the disappearance of Ben in the forest.


These are all of the picture that we have so far taken and as you can see the main focus is on Callum, who is the main character throughout the trailer. We wanted to have the realxed school look about things because it menas that some students/people of this age bracket could relate to the situation that they have been put in, in some way or another.

As a result this is the type of connotation that we were originally going for when producing the photos



This is the planning for the photoshoot that is going to used with our print/ancilliary work. I will be explaining the boxes in more detail below because I feel that the boxes aren’t big enough to fully explain.

For the first box I haven’t actually filled this in and I am now going to talk about why I haven’t done this. The reason for not doing this is because me and Sam have decided that for our poster we are going to just have the hand in shot and one of our chosen props either on the ground or stuck into the ground. The denotation of this is that the victim has been invloved with the antagonist but we want to give the connotation that they don’t know who was attacked and how. So in a way the villain is in there but it is only the prop and that will be in full view of the audience.

With regards to the location box we have decided to use the background of a forest. This is because we want to get the same sort of effect as with the poster for Friday The 13th. That poster denotates the villian of the film but also gives the movies the sense of power and fright that we want to go for as well. Connotations of the colour scheme is something that we are going to make sure that we get correct as well. This is because the colours red and black and very significant and common throughout most ancilliary pieces of work of r horror films and we want to represent the same sort of ideas as well.

For the camera angles I want to make sure that we use the low angle shot for the poster work. The reason behind this is that this camera angle connotes power, strength and makes victims look vulnerable to weapons or antagonists. The framing is going to be, on some steps, using the rule of third technique. The prop will be in the foreground of the and the hand of the victim in the middle ground and then the viewing of the isolated area in the background to fully display the location and the setting of the rest of the trailer.

The lighting used for the poster will be that I want to make the colours as dark as possible because the connotations of dark, dingy places gives the full impression of the severity of that particular film. However emphasise will also want to be on the hand of the victim to let them know of some possibility of it being marginally safe. The same lighting hade been used on the poster for Friday The 13th and this is what I want the outcome to be.

Storyboard & Script Creation

As we are getting ever so closer to coming to the production of our project we have been designing and creating a storyboard of events. The storyboard is going to include the transitions between the different scenes, the type of angles that we will be using and the different level of shots that are going to accompany them as well.

I have used part of the script that is also being created but this isn’t the final version of the script because this is also in production at the moment.

The script also contains the setting of the forest and the specific transitions (mentioned in first paragraph) such as a static effect and any fade ins/out that we will be using when it goes through the editing process. The script is being based and structured around the storyboard itself and we believe that this was the best idea because it meant that we could get the best storyline together for this project.

StoryBoard 1:

Storyboard 1storyboard 2

Script for the horror trailer:

this is the completed script that we are going to implement for the trailer. We have changed it since the original drafts because we have swapped the roles of Callum and Ben around slightly. This is because Ben is actually a drama student and so we believe that he will be the best actor out of the two to play the “main: character of the trailer

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 09.11.07

Location – Film Set

For the location of the trailer/poster we have deicided to record our footage in Hotham Park. We chose this particular area of Bognor Regis because the surrounding area is well populated with trees and other useful locations/mise-en-scene.

This is because mixed in with the dark skies will be a good location because we can also add the effects of snapping of sticks and the tense atmosphere will make this is a good location. Furthermore I also liked one of the entrance to the park because it had an eerie atmosphere about it. This type of setting is a stereotypical location for horror films and this is why we have chosen this setting.


For the park as a whole there are varies location is which we could record the scenes for our film trailer because of the vast areas of greenery that are available for us in Hotham Park. the vast size of out chosen location can be seen below. As a filming location, I feel that this is very well suited to our needs, because it has a number of different locations that will be perfect for us.

birds eye view

To conclude this is the best location for this film because not only is this a stereotypical location for horror films but it also has an eerie feel and it could be classed as a very secluded/isolated location where help is going to be near impossible. This is the location that me and Sam have decided to use and we will start to record the different scenes in the next 3 – 4 weeks.

As the clocks will soon be going forward this means that the earlier and earlier it gets the darker it will ultimately get and this is going to be a great advantage for us. This is because it means we will have more time to film and also it means that we will be given more chances to get the production to the best that we can.

Another location is obviously The Regis School. This is where the scenes before and after the forest scene will take place. We have decided to use this location because we want the trailer to be as realistic as possible but not only this but most horror trailers/movies are involved with children/students. Also the actual atmosphere of the The Regis School is very calm and we think that this will be the best scene for the dialogue scene.

regis school