This is the final poster:

Final Poster

Final Poster

Combination of main product & ancillary work

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

This question, like the technology one has also been done on the presentation website

My presentation of this question:

What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

All of the feedback received was conducted using a questionnaire and also face to face feedback where we presented the three pieces to people and then noted the feedback that we received on apiece of paper and this is where we will explain the answers and go into a lot more detail about them.

From the audience feedback that I received, I learned that areas such as the font for the masthead and taglines needs to be clear enough (stands out) so the audience can clearly see the effect that the title will connote across to the audience Furthermore I can experiment and be more adventurous with my editing and creation of products, especially for ancillary 1 & 2, because previously I was only confident to do the little things that would make the product achieve the minimal level of standard. However because I have now received some positive audience feedback I can be confident in adding extra taglines/images to make that piece of work to the best of my ability.

The layout for the poster (ancillary 1) is very important because it is all well and good having the correct functions/information but if the layout of the piece of work isn’t very good then this isn’t going to get very good marks when it comes to the final grade as a whole. As a result we changed the layout of the poster (ancillary 1) a number of time to ensure that it looked right for the audience that we where targeting but also for the genre that we where aiming this at as well. This is why we where trying to base our poster on the Friday The 13th poster because we feel that this was very effective and was something that we wanted the ancillary one to come out as for the final product.

Real life Poster

Real life Poster

Final Poster

Final Poster

For both the website and the poster, the feedback taught me especially how important it was to either follow, challenge or subvert the typical connotations that are associated with this type of genre (horror). This is because even the simplest of things can make the piece of work stand out but only if the connotations are clear and well presented. For example a piece of feedback that we received was that the “tagline and production logo not easily visible” and this helped us because it enabled us to see what people saw of the poster and the thoughts that they have about it.

In terms of the trailer, the feedback received was something that I learned a lot from as well. This is because before this unit I hadn’t really edited/constructed a trailer as a main source of coursework and this was my first time in doing this. The feedback that I got from my audience was that I need “to have something that picks the pace up” and we want to have tension building areas with some areas where it is fast paced and filled with quick, jumpy music/scares to back it up or go along side the actual trailer. This was achieved by adding a sound lip that was of a thunder strike and making the clip more stabilized to make it jumpy. We also received feedback on our trailer from Gabi and it was that the “The tense and nervous section should appear on separate slides to add to the tension to the film” and so as a result we took this feedback on board because we want t make sure that the trailer is right for audience within our demographic ag range

Furthermore we received feedback for the website and it would look better if we had a section that “was completely dedicated to the cast and crew” and this was something we had seen when looking at previous examples of horror websites/film websites such as World War Z. the cast and crew section is going to contain a little paragraph about the two actors involved and the other two members of the crew (me and Sam).

From the audience feedback I also leant that I need to check the colours being used in the form of printing before handing it in as the final piece. This is because we thought that we had the poster completed the colour of the title didn’t turn out as well as we originally hoped for. It was supposed to represent the colour of blood (#660000) and on the screen it looked very effective but in printed form it didn’t. And so from the feedback we learn that even the basic of colours can still connote the feelings that we want to across to the targeted audience of horror. We had received some audience feedback from Josh and Callum who said that it would be even better if the “text at the bottom stands out more” and so to achieve his we had centralized the credits at the bottom of the page and moved it up a bit in order for it to be more recognizable and for it to stand out a lot more.

Further feedback received was from Alex Ford and he said that for the poster: “I like the fact that the actor is wearing the same clothes in all of the shots”. And this was something that we decided to do because continuity was a major factor that we had to make sure we got correct because having ever changing outfits and scenes can draw the attention of the audience away from the focus of the trailer as whole.

We also got feedback from Alex on the website as well. This is what he had to say: “I didn’t even realise that the whole website was on one page, until I kept scrolling”

This is the type of feedback that we expected because having the website all on one page will enhance the users load time because of the information being all on one page. Furthermore we have learned that the website may take a lot longer to create but the final product was definitely worth it because the load time was reduced and all of the information was available at just a click of a button. Not only this but the website is their to support the other piece of ancillary work and we feel that we have achieved this well.

I also go some feedback from Matt and this was on the website. He said that: “I prefer this design for a website of this type, I dont think that it would work for any other type of website. I like the website as a whole, but I’m not a fan of the font because it isn’t really horror-ish

The font is something that we took a gamble on because we thought that the font might be a bit childish and not as horrific as seen on other website buts this was the best one in terms of actually reading the content and understanding it as a whole. As a whole the feedback is very good because it allows us to change the design of it if we have to do it again or if we had more time to change it. But also we have learnt that just one font can seem repetetive and another font would make it look more appealing to the audience and the audience of our demographics as a whole


To summarise I think that the products that we have made are very good and to the best of our ability. Furthermore we received some very helpful feedback that will help us in the future with any projects that we may do because we have extra knowledge about what makes a good main product and also what makes good ancillary pieces of work. Some of the feedback was expected because 3we had to cut things out due to time constraints but overall we feel that some areas followed the conventions and some areas we subverted but we never challenged any conventions. This was because we knew that challenging would be really risky because through our research we knew what worked and what didn’t in terms of features and other conventions.

Conventions Question

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The three media products that we have produced for this unit both follow and subvert the conventions of real media products. I think that because we have included most of the conventions that we can see in real media products that are around at the moment. We have also tried to include most of the conventions that we could possibly do to make the trailer, website and poster as realistic as possible.

The Trailer

There are some aspects that are included within our trailer that are in direct relation to that of trailers within the real film industry. Things such as camera effects/angles and some of the shot transitions are relatively the same as well.

Furthermore because the trailer has been made for this project we have included our production logo in the opening scene which is common is most films regardless of the genre.

Start Of Trailer

Start Of Trailer

We have also included the green film rating part at the beginning of the film. This actually isn’t a convention because it is needed in order for it to be viewed by the public but we thought that we would add this into the film because it makes the trailer more realistic and believable for the audience of this film and this is the same for current trailers who have the rating at the beginning of the trailer to let the audience viewing it that it has been accepted as an appropriate film for the genre intended for.

Usually with good and effective horror trailer there is always some sort of phrase or sentence that gets the audience thinking about the contents of the film. I think that we have followed this convention because we have included the phrase “Tense? Nervous? You’ll Remember This Trip…” at the end of our trailer as a sort of cliff hanger. Furthermore we have a small clip in the film where the main character says “follow the sound of my voice!” which instantly entices the audience into thinking “What’s happened?” or “Whose missing?” Therefore this gets the viewers glued into the storyline, just like real trailers do and we have followed this convention.

You'll Remember This Trip....Tense? Nervous?

However there are some aspects which suggest that we have subverted the typical conventions used by horror trailers. A trailer such as The Evil Dead for example uses very quick and sharp transitions to make the viewers jump out of their seats and create fear/danger when watching those scenes. But with our trailer we have used slow and long transitions along with a build up of tension to try and catch the audience off guard and throw something unsuspecting at them such as quick scare. For example there is a section of the trailer where it is all quite and calm with them walking through the forest and then it suddenly changes pace with the camera moving quickly and the sound building up with different music over the top.

Sound Effect Used

Sound Effect Used

Another significant convention that has been subverted is the fact that we have used a bit more text than normal. This is because when looking at a trailer such as Paranormal Activity for example there is text spread out other the length of the video/trailer (shown on various scenes) however this is totally different for our trailer. There is one part that goes on for about 10 – 20 seconds where it is just purely text based and they are “Don’t Underestimate The Forest / From The Producers / Of “A Day In The Life” and this is something that we decide to do because through our understanding of the research, we found that the text is spaced out and gives the audience clips of the trailer but we decided to subvert this convention.

Furthermore this use of text hasn’t been used to separate the trailer into two ways at all. In fact it has been used as a sound bridge because the suspenseful music is being played in the background throughout the whole film to carry the suspense/tension right the way through to the end of the trailer.

Overall, the trailer that we have created follows typical horror trailer to a degree of certainty but there are areas which subvert as well. I actually believe that subverting conventions of a horror trailer is good because it gives the audience something else too remember the product by If the trailer followed and was the same as other trailers then people aren’t going to watch it because they would have seen it all before whereas the subversion or conventions is something that will hopefully stick in their minds because of what the trailer consisted of.

The Website

With regards to the website there is only one real outcome and this will be that the website has followed conventions and there a lot of things that need to be done in order to function correctly. In this case all websites need to include a menu in order for the user to navigate through the website and to get to the other areas/content for the website, several titles for the user to identify the specific page that they are on and what they are reading, along with other various pieces of information.

However for our website we have displayed the titles in different ways and gone for a fixed, drop down menu. The menu is also fixed in place which means that it doesn’t move when the page is scrolled and the pages are being navigated. A typical convention that is so common for horror websites is the use of darks colours that we have tried to use on all of our pieces of work. The colour schemes are there to keep the feel of the film, the evil/danger involved and the terror that is so often in horror films. As a result this is another convention that has been followed for this website for Forest Of The Unknown. The colours used are there to represent the evil nature of the film and the danger that will be involved for the characters included.

However another convention typically seen is the use of multiple tabs/pages for the user to navigate through. But for our website there is one main “home” page that has been created but it has been separated into different sections which are linked in the fixed menu on the left side of the page. Furthermore this is something that we have challenged because we wanted the website to be different in its own way in order to stand out from normal websites and this makes it easier to navigate as well because there are no loading times to find and get the next page ready, instead it just moves up or down depending on the page selected.

Overall, as with the trailer, a large amount of the conventions have been followed to make sure that it works well for the targeted audience. Furthermore there are a number of conventions that have been subverted because it will make it stand out more in the eyes of the viewers. Not only this but having the website layed out in a way that is different than other common horror websites will give us a better advantage because it will stick in the minds of the viewers for longer because of what we did differently. It will also enhance the users experience when browsing on the internet because of the overall look and feel of it.

The Poster

For the poster we wanted to make sure that we followed the conventions that are associated with horror film posters such as Friday The 13th. Furthermore we tried to achieve this by having the location of the poster in an isolated location such as a forest. For most of the comparisons, I wanted to go with Friday the 13th because this poster was very effective for the type of the horror film that where going for. Not only this but the dark colour scheme has been used because this is very common with horror especially red because this is showing the danger, evil and even the use of blood is going to be apparent within the trailer.

Furthermore another convention that we have followed is the use of the credits at the bottom of the posters. What this does is that it shows the actors that are involved but also the production company and the filming company involved with the trailer. Now even though this isn’t a convention specifically for horror, it is for all posters as whole and so we included this because this would have made the poster as realistic as possible to entice the audience into watching the trailer and viewing the poster as well. Along with this we have made the masthead slightly larger than normal. This because we really wanted the title to stand out and be there in front of the audience for them to see clearly. Another convention that we have followed is the colour scheme for the title.

Friday The 13th also has the same colour as our poster but originally this wasn’t going to be the colour. This was because a colour that was supposed to resemble blood was originally intended but when printed off it was too dark and completely out of focused. And so as a result we went for the basic red and this was a risk because I thought that this was going to be childish and not serious enough but actually it turned out really well.

Overall we have tried to follow as many of the conventions as possible because the poster is going to the fundamental piece of ancillary work that is going to draw the attention of the audience into watching this trailer/film. Furthermore we were trying to make the poster as realistic as possible and so we were always looking at examples such as Friday The 13th and Drag Me To Hell to base out poster upon to make sure that we got the conventions correct or the audience to look at .

Real-life poster

Real-life poster

Final Poster

Final Poster