Poster Creation | Final Version

The poster has now finally been finished and this is the version of the poster.

There have been some significant changes in the way that we have added some extra logos and conventions to the poster. Two logos have been added to the bottom of the page and using he black space that was available to use, therefore taking the effect away from the isolated, eerie and mysterious look of the poster.

As I have previously mentioned, the colour of the masthead has been changed to enable it stand out when looking at the printed copy of the poster. furthermore we have situated most of the content at the bottom of to page to make sure that the focus of the poster wasn’t all over the place and that the victim of the trailer was easily visible as well. Furthermore I also believe that we have followed the conventions that are normally associated with horror posters such as Friday The 13th and SAW. From this we decided to put everything at the bottom of the page.

And now we have managed to get the poster the way that we want it to be. This is now going to allow us to get feedback on it make some last minute changes, if they are serious or not and then help us to answer one of the evaluation questions which is about what we have learned from the audience feedback given to us.

Final Poster

Final Poster

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