Website Creation | Part 2

After the first stage was completed of thinking of ideas and choosing the basic layout/content that we where going to use, we then had to decide on two “prototypes” that we would quickly created to get the basic view of how we wanted the the website to look like when we completely finish it. And so as result we did two designs and then once we had done them we would decide together which one would be better appealing not only to us but to the audience that we where aiming this website at.

Design 1:

We wanted this design to be a basic first layout but we had to make sure that it followed the conventions that we looked at when we constructed the research for this task. And so on this layout we have done a basic but very effective layout of having the information there are ready for the users to see when they go onto the website for the first time. The title and menu appearing at the top, with the main feature below, more content below that and then the footer. Not only this but the website will have a navigation menu that involves taking the user to different pages of the website. We will have top make sure that the features and typical conventions are clearly visible for the audience.


These are just the first conventional mockups of the website and we have just been playing around and checking to make sure that the basic layout of the website is good enough and going to be well placed for the final design. furthermore seeing as this is just a mock up we haven’t inserted any other parts of the project such as the trailer and poster because that would seem like a lot of work for just a draft mock up but we are constantly thinking about this as well. As a result this is going to mean that the user will spend a bit of time scrolling down the webpage to find the content and this something that we will have to take into consideration before deciding on the final website.

Design 2:

For the second design we have decided to go for something that subverts the conventions normally seen of for website based around films. Subverting can be seen as a good thing because changing some of the rules ever so slightly can be the difference between a good website and a brilliant website. And so as result we have made a linear displayed webpage and this design to decide between.

Depending on  what design we want to go for there is something that will stay the same and this is the content of the layout for the websites. We are going to have:

  • Home
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Cast & Crew
  • Review
  • Story

The order of this may change but these are the tags that we are going to have and they will have the individual information that is needed for each section. However if need be we may have to get rid of some parts because we may not create that bit of content because we may not have time and we may feel that it isn’t needed but this will change and progress as we go through the project.


Verdict of Designs:

After some talking and speaking to our peers we have decided to go for the second design because this means that we are going to be able to add more content and make the website look more appealing to the target audience and to other viewers of this website. There will be section that will be completely devoted to the trailer and this will have the trailer linked to our YouTube in which the trailer will be uploaded to either my channel or Sam’s channel. Here is a very simple colour scheme on this website, there are three colours used here. Black, Red and White. These colours allow the user to easily see the content on the page without having to strain their eyes too much. This differs from the top design because there is only one shade of red (#660000 incase you’re interested) whereas on the first design there were multiple reds, overpowering the rest of the page.

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