Trailer Creation| Part 3 | More Changes & Feedback

 I am continuing the creation of our trailer for this unit and I have spoken to Sam and we have made some significant changes in relation to the actual content of the trailer. I have added the taglines that we used for the poster at the end of the film to, on some standards give it cliffhanger and leave the audience thinking about the film at the end of the trailer.

We have also had to take out some aspects because after fully giving it a watch through we realised that there are some parts that aren’t related to the genre of horror. This is because we here using transition effects such as the blur effect and cross fades as apposed to using hard jumps, which we have now implemented into the trailer. Furthermore we have made sure that any unnecessary sounds have been edited out and also we had a couple of issues with sound fading out. A side from this I want to makes sure that the trailer follows the conventions that are normally associated with the genre of horror but specifically the sub genre of psychological horror

Furthemore I have received some feedback which has been very helpful from my teacher and this has put some new ideas into my head as to how I can get the best possible grades out of this part of the unit. The feedback was very good because it opened a new door for my editing techniques and has allowed me to include a different piece of horror sound which has made one part of the trailer upbeat and thrilling. As a result this will give off different connotations and denotations to fully get the horror experience into the trailer. I will be coming into school on the inset day, tomorrow (29th November), for a couple of hours tidying up some of the sound clips and then placing it into the trailer and getting closer to the completion of the trailer. Not only this bug I have managed to add the tagline that we have used for the poster at the end of the trailer. This is because we wanted to continue with the connotations of the cliff hangers that are seen so common within horror films. And so because this is at the end of the trailer it isn’t there for too long but gives the audience just enough time to quickly catch a glimpse and the realise that the forest has and the effect that it has on other people.

Tense? Nervous? You'll Remember This Trip....

Not only this but we have made some changes to the first couple of scenes in the way that the content has been ordered such as the logo being at the start of the trailer and the various sounds that have been added in order to make parts of the trailer more fast paced and mote tension building.

Change of order

Change of order

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