Poster Creation | Further Development

We have further developed our poster and after planning and bringing together all of our ideas we have finished the first of two bits of ancilliary work.

The poster has been created and the 3 parts that I havent spoken about yet I will do in this post and break down the poster as to how I got the finished product that I am at now with the poster side of the ancillary tasks.

1. Arranging All Files

 This was the part that for some reason took a bit longer than we would have liked for to have done. This was beacause we wanted to maek sure that the tagliens were in the correct place so that it looked professional and not rushed. The title of the poster had been arranged slightly differently and the colour had to changed as well. This is because when we orignally printed the poster the colour of the title was very dark because of the colour scheme which we tried to replicate the colour of blood.  However we had to stick with the original red colour because this was the best colour that prinetd well fo the final outcome.

we were experimenting with different layouts and I think that we must have done 3 – 4 different ways of just moving things around, exporting it to a PDF file and seeing what it looks like without the guidelines that we had on when creating this is InDesign. We wanted to make sure that the whole time this was being created that we were following the typical conventions that we commonly see for horror posters at the moment. Furthermore we didn’t want either the top or bottom to be to crowded with different aspects of the poster.

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 2

2. Tidying Up The Poster

Nothing much happened with the tidying up of the poster, however as a whole we were making sure that the poster wasn’t blurry and was looking correct. if it was blurry then this would have taken the whole look of the poster away form the audience and the denotations/connotations wouldnt be as aparent as we would have originally hoped for. But this wasnt the case because the actual cropping of the image made it better and the whole poster better for the final outcome. The layout had been changed on a number of different occasions and this was to ensure that we got the best possible outcome for the poster and that it was correct for the intended tagrget audience that we where aiming this whol project at.

3. Finished Product

This is the finished product for the poster of Forest Of The Unknown. There have been some major chanegs when comparing this to the first draft that we handed in and received fedbcak for. We made sure that the image had been cropped a little bit to ensure that there could more emphasis on the main character within the trailer. The connotations that we wanted to achieve from doing this is that we wanted the audience to fully see the emotion and terror that has been put upon his face as if he has just met the antagonist in person. Furthermore te sole reason of trying to achieve this meant that we had to move most of the features near to the bottom of the page and think that we have achieved this well leaving sufficient space between each feature as well.

A sense of realism is something else that we wanted to have in terms of this lookinh like a real poster for a real film. and the way that we did this was by having the small print at the bottom along with the names of the acotrs and the various company names that where involved in the production, casting and directing of this trailer/film.

We may make some final weeks and touches her and there but with regards to the layout  and the overall look of the poster, we have completed this and now for the next week or 2 we can carry on with the editing of the trailer to make it to the best of our ability as a pair.

Final Version

Final Version

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