Website Creation | Part 1

This is the next stage of our ancillary work and this is the website that we are going to have in which it will support our main production of the trailer for Forest Of The Unknown. This is going to be a fully functioning website and will follow the conventions and relate to the research that we did top see what makes a good horror website and what makes it a successful one as well.

One of the ancillary products that we have to create is a website homepage for the trailer. This will be what a user will see upon entering the website. I feel that this is going to be the part of the project that I’m going to enjoy the most.

There are a few steps that we have to undertake when creating a website. The first of these steps is planning. We will be planning out various designs to ensure that the website is going to look the best for the second part of our ancillary project.

Then the next step is to create mock-ups of the site using Adobe Photoshop  or a similar product to see exactly what the website it going to look like once it has been built. Some changes may occur from the original Wireframe, or even from the finished product.

After this, you actually have to build the website using Adobe Dreamweaver or another product. Dreamweaver is going to be our preferred choice because we have some experience between us and together we can help each other if need through the further stages of development.

In these posts, I will be detailing how we are making the website and the fundamental steps of creating the webiste and the specfic decision that we had to make.

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