Poster Creation | Bringing Together Ideas

Both me and Sam have both created out own version of the poster within our spare time, when we weren’t carrying on with the website or with trailer. And what we are going to now is we are going to bring the two posters together and hopefully the outcome will be one main poster which will include aspects and key features from both of the posters created.

We want to make sure that the poster has all of the correct angles and content such as title, taglines and other pieces of information ready for the audience to see when they get to the poster and view it for the first time.

With the posters particular conventions and features will be transferred across and one poster will be the final product with all the aspects put together:
In the coming days we will receive feedback from our fellow peers on what is the best poster to use and which aspects of the poster that they like and some aspects that they don’t like and tell us how we can improve it.

The process of getting to these stages were very time consuming in terms of getting the components into the right places to make sure that it looks correct of for the final outcome.

Poster Vol. 1

Poster Vol. 1Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 08.52.31

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