Trailer Creation|Part 2

The next stage of the trailer creation has begun and there have been some pretty significant changes. The first and main change that has been made by both me and Sam is the content of the trailer. We have decided to take out the final part of the video, which was the interview stage of the trailer. the reason behind this is because we though that it wouldn’t be right to have this as a part of the trailer because effectively this is the end of the film and we didn’t want this to happen. And so as a result we want the trailer to end on a slight cliff hanger because this is the connotation of a typical horror film that we want to give off for the audience.

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 09.03.07

Back to the creation I have added a static type effect for the video and a reason for this was because I researched other films such as Paranormal Activity which had that static effect which gives off the impression that the film has been lost or that the contents of it is damaging to anyone who watches the trailer. I think that effects like this is going to make sure that we follow the typical conventions that are associated with most horror films that are released. At this stage we are still experimenting with lines and things that will hopefully increase the suspense that we want to have in this trailer.

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 09.03.18

Furthermore I believe that to give the trailer as much realism as possible we have included the green trailer screen which doesn’t effect the trailer in any way but we think that it makes the trailer look more realistic and like a professional production. There has been further images inserted and other words which will be showing the extent of the film.. This is because at this stage we are roughly 75 – 85% completed in terms of the trailer and what we need to do is we need to carefully go over each piece of footage and the trailer as a whole to make sure that specific audio has been edited correctly an that other background and unnecessary sounds have been removed and that it is to the best of our ability.

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