Poster Creation| Part 3

We have had a bit of a role change within our group and Sam is going to take over the rest of the poster from which I have started to create. This is because he has now completed the website that we have decided and constructed for this unit of work. As a result I am going to be fully focused and concentrated on the editing of out film trailer to make sure that it is the best of our and my own ability.

My final draft of the poster:    

This is the final stage that I have got to and I have taken some inspiration from other horror posters that we had been researching whilst the creation of this poster had begun. The tagline for “coming Soon” has been situated at the top of the poster because our research showed us that most of the information about the film is placed at the top of the poster and then at the bottom of the poster I have started to include the small print such as the  creator, director, production/casting tam etc. From this point on Sam will be taking over and there is still some aspects that we need to include such as the logo and various other conventions such as the taglines to give it that really horror feel.

I changed the place of the title as well and gave it the effect of being stacked on top of each other. And this was changed because of further inspiration at I got when me and Sam constructed some further research to find out what makes a good horror film poster.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 08.42.36

Draft Poster

Before I got to this stage I was experimenting with other postions for the title and also experimenting with different taglines as well. On this copy I was using the same Bloodfeast font because not only had decided on this font but it still gives off the right connotation that are associated with horror posters. The tagline was something that I was playing around with whilst constructing the image was what type of tagline should we have. The whole idea of the tagline was going to something that would stick in the mind of the audience and the connotation that I wanted was that I wanted the forest to see as a person and in a way because the forest is the antagonist this is something that the audience will hopefully respond well to and so I came up with:

I dont know if we are going to change the tagline in any way but we have been communicatin and there some other ideas that we have floating around in our heads. so we will test them out and see which one looks better for the poster of Forest Of The Unknown.

Tagline1 copy

The next stage of development was deciding where the title of the film should go. I was looking at the research and planning that I had done and I staretd to see a pattern with the title and this was that of the title was fairly long, then it would be stacked on top of each other and, personally, I wanted to do this as well. However to fully denotate the feelings of all horror posters I had to think of where the title was going to go. this was because the posters researched either had the title stretched across the middle or near the top of the page.

The title must be in the perfect place for the poster because this is what is going to attract the audience and entice them into the poster to get them to watch the film/trialer in the first place. And so as a result at the moment the title is going to kept at the top of the page because this the main thing that people look at when they see the poster, the top.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 10.10.33

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