Trailer Production/Creation Part 1

The construction for the trailer has officially begun and this is where I will be uploading specific stages of the construction elements and talking about why I chose these certain aspects.

The first aspect that we had to decide on was if there was going to be a sound track/clip being played in the background whilst the trailer was being played. The decision as that we where going to use a sound track of some sort because it meant that we could make the trailer seem eerie but on another level and this would connote feelings emotionally and to hook the audience into the trailer.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.49.09

This piece of music really grabbed our attention because the first thing that hit us was the title that included “Don’t Look or it Takes You” and this is basically the theory/plot of the story and this is ideal for our movie trailer.

And now because the music for the rest of the trailer has been set we now started the trailer and we decided to use one of the clips as the start of the trailer and in particular the piece of film with sound and no film. This is because the sound plays a major part in a horror film/trailer and so we thought that just having the audience hear running through woods and sticks breaking that this would be very effective. But from this it jumps straight into the trailer and it is like a teaser part of the trailer to see and show the audience what they can expect.

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 11.37.30

As you can see from the screenshot we have a caption suggesting that they didn’t know what hit them and made the decision of using this because I think that this will be very effective because in some ways in makes the audience think what could possible be attacking/hunting the two actors down in the forest. The production logo has been included as well because it when looking at similar horror film trailers they always show the production company’s logo as a form of advertising and letting them know who has made this film.

All of the effects and editing has been done using the effects that are selected in the top row under the screen preview. these have become very useful because it means that the fade in and out can be used to the full potential that we originally intended for and get the full effect across to the audience. The use of the text functions as well has allowed us to put messages within the trailer itself and connote specific emotions towards the other characters and the audience at the same time.



Text Options

Text Options

Our Production Company

Our Production Company

To make sure that the clips are edited correctly and that no background noise has been detected/picked up from anywhere else I used the precision editor setting to really go through the clips and slowly pick out all of the un needed sections to make the clips as realistic as possible. This is a really good aspect of iMovie because it means that the full use of any connotation implemented into the trailer can be used to the maximum ability. Throughout the construction of the trailer we had changed a couple of parts such as clips because they would have been too difficult to film with the light and this could be a slight disadvantage if the quality of it isn’t very good to try and edit and implement.

Precision Editor

Precision Editor

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