Poster Creation Part 2

I have now hit the next stage of development for the poster and I am now up to the stage of combining all of my ideas for the poster and coming up with quick drats for the poster/ancilliary work.

The first idea was the picture that I was going to use and this has been decided by me and Sam and we chose a picture of our actor, Callum Henn, looking behind him and looking as if he has just seen the horrific creature which may have taken the life of his best friend. The lighting of the picture is very important because it means that you can really see the expression of the victim and you can establish the level of fear that running through his veins.

The pink lines are colums that are there as placeholders for text/images

The pink lines are colums that are there as placeholders for text/images

I think that the location is a very good and secluded place as well. This is the perfect location for this because the secludedness of the area is ideal for a horror film because it means that help is going to be very miniscule and as a result something terrible is bound to happen to the victims of the forest.

This is the first stage of the creation for the poster, we had included other images as a replacement to see what they would look like but we believe that this picture is the right one for the job in hand.

The next part of the creation that I had done was to include the logo of our film company and thinking of taglines is a common convention of most poster posters and we want to make sure that we follow these conventions and carry them over onto our own ancilliary work. This is the dominant image that we have chosen for the moment but we are still currently experimenting with different close ups on photoshop but I will be showing and evidencing this very soon.

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 11.58.58

We had been further experimneting with diffferent ideas and ways in which we were going to have the layout of the conventions such as the logo and the positioning of the masthead as well. Furthermore we kept on checking real life examples of horror posters to try and get the same sort of feel and if it wasnt correct or didnt look like a horror poster, we would change it again and adapt it to make it look more appealing to the audience.

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