Poster Creation Part 1

We have begun to create the poster for our trailer: Forest Of The Unknown

I have decided on the font which was BloodFeast and I have started to create the title for it that is going to be used on the front of the poster.

When deciding on the colours of the font me and Sam reseached colour patterns that where closely relative to that of blood colour and it is #660000 which is the closest that we got to this colour.

Title Trailer copy

I decided to duplicate the image originally created and turn that into a back drop/shadow image to really give emphasise onto the title of the film and it also makes some parts looks more bloody and more effective. Furthermore the blood drips make it look fresh and recent.

I know that this is only a small post but this is the starting point and will be uploading more as the poster, trailer and webiste get further developed.

The images have been taking but we are looking through them and deciding on which ones look the best for the poster and the way that we would want the poster and the final outcome to look like.

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