Character Profiles

Two characters are going to be the main focus for this trailer; they are going to be attempting to escape the main villain of this trailer.

Our actors are:

  • Benjamin Haines
  • Callum Henn

Ben Haines – This actor is going to be playing one of the victims for the villain within this trailer. He fits the role perfectly because he is between the 15 – 18 age brackets. This is what we need because this is the sort of age that is stereotyped with watching these films but are also seem to be the most commonly used characters in most horror films. Furthermore Ben is also a Drama student at The Regis School and this will be a great skill being brought to the production team of this Media Project.


Callum Henn


Benjamin Haines

Callum Henn – The second actor for this trailer is Callum Henn. Like Ben, he is also within the stereotypical age range that I am targeting at the same time as well. Now even though he doesn’t take drama as a subject he is a very close friend of Ben’s and I believe that because of their close friendship they will be able to produce the perfect partnership and be a brilliant duo for this trailer. These characters will be able to fully get into depth within their characters and I feel that the emotion will be strong if something out of the ordinary was to happy then they will feel extremely upset about this possibility.

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