Storyboard & Script Creation

As we are getting ever so closer to coming to the production of our project we have been designing and creating a storyboard of events. The storyboard is going to include the transitions between the different scenes, the type of angles that we will be using and the different level of shots that are going to accompany them as well.

I have used part of the script that is also being created but this isn’t the final version of the script because this is also in production at the moment.

The script also contains the setting of the forest and the specific transitions (mentioned in first paragraph) such as a static effect and any fade ins/out that we will be using when it goes through the editing process. The script is being based and structured around the storyboard itself and we believe that this was the best idea because it meant that we could get the best storyline together for this project.

StoryBoard 1:

Storyboard 1storyboard 2

Script for the horror trailer:

this is the completed script that we are going to implement for the trailer. We have changed it since the original drafts because we have swapped the roles of Callum and Ben around slightly. This is because Ben is actually a drama student and so we believe that he will be the best actor out of the two to play the “main: character of the trailer

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 09.11.07

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