Research Aims

Research Aims

What we need to know?

Do the audience like horror as a whole, or are more interested in supernatural horror or slasher horror. We will also need to know whether or not they watch horror films regularly and if they watch them because they truly enjoy watching them or because they like the odd horror film here and there.


The possible psychographics would be people that are in the income scale of D plus. This is because they will have the money to go and spend at watching the film at the cinema. Furthermore we will have to target the film at people 18 years plus. This I because when looking at most films, the characters include young adults because they are seen as more energetic but also, especially the females, they are seen as more vulnerable to danger. From our research on the internet we have found that the 43% people like to watch horror based films are in the C2 category.


We are now going to talk about the demographics that will need to be identified for this trailer. This includes the population, which involves males/females. We have found a graph on the Internet, which states what percentage of males, and females like to watch horror-based films. The graph states that females <35 are more interested in watching horror films (44%) compared to males of the same age bracket (36%)

Gathering the respondents:

To gather the respondents for the target audience we decided that we are going to gather the research via a survey either online or a hard copy. We will ask the audience questions that are in relation to the horror genre as a whole. These will include what films within the horror genre they like. It will also ask how often they watch horror films.

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