What’s Next?

Well seeing as I have proof read and checked all of my work to make sure that it is up to date and done to the best of my ability I now need to know what needs to be done next before production can start.

The first and most vital part of what is needed next is a production schedule/plan which is going to briefly explain when this specific part of the trailer is going to be filmed as well as the location of the scene(s). this I going to be thought of and planned out within the next 5 – 7 days and we will hope to stick by this whilst production is taking place. Furthermore me and Sam have been researching styles of fonts to use for the poster (as the title) and other fonts that will be making numerous appearances of the trailer and the website as well which will take place the same time as the trailer is being constructed and edited.

Overall I am hoping that we can plan an work out when our actors are available to record the trailer and this will be done through constant through phone and social networking sites to make sure that we are within perfect time and are like “well oiled cogs” working together for success.

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