Smiley – Website Analysis

The website for the horror film Smiley really is one of the simplest that I have seen whilst doing this research. This is because there is nothing else on the webpage except for this one still image.  The image used is just a simple image of the cast of teh film and from this it doesn’t denotate anything about the film or anything about the main antagonists/villian that is going to be the main focus for this film.

For this reason I think that this website subverts the common conventions/look of other horror websites that I have seen.

Also there is an opportunity to watch the film online but I would assume that you would have had the purchase the film first and set up an account which isn’t very appealing to me as the potential audience of this film.


Aside from this the typography of the title isn’t very appealing either to me, the audience and the age group that I am targeting. The style of the font seems very basic and the standard type that you commonly see. Furthermore compared to something like SAW which uses blood stains and as if it has been written using a finger and pitchfork for the W, this font is very basic. The colours are just white, which still connotes purity and innocence which won’t be the case for any horror film but they use a faded images of blood stains which in some way can be effective but other ways make no difference what so ever. This connotation has been shown becuause eventhough the audience might believe that something gruesoe is going to happen, something may influence this typical convention. I particularly don’t like the way that the title has been constructed because it is very basic and the


But overall the colours as a whole as well as the images/links are common conventions of all horror websites for the audience to see.

Also, there is the synopsis of the film displayed on the page, just above the menu. One thing that I really don’t like is the fact that they used the same images/slogan twice. As a result I think that they haven’t put lot effort into the construction of this website and it makes it look boring and plain and thereis hardly anything that properly denotates the film well.

The links used on this website are like other horror websites previously analysed but there are some particular difference about the one for this website. They use the typical “gallery” and “videos” but this tab is definitely different to others. when clicking on “videos” other websites would get straight to the point and play the trailer to give the audience a taste of what the film will be like and whether or not they will like it or not. However this link just takes you to a load of YouTube videos about the film and, once again, looks like they haven’t taken time into this website. And obscurity of this website is a tab called “lulz”. Personally this tab is completely irrelevant and not needed and to me makes the website look even worse and less appealing to me.


And so to conclude this website has got some good things about it overall this isn’t something that I will be using/basing my website on and I was quite shocked about the level of effort that hadn’t been taken and I think they should try and re-do the website to make sure that it looks more appealing for all audiences

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