Audience Research Write Up

The aims of this research was to find out what people specifically like about horror films and in turn this will help us to gives us ideas when creating the website, the poster and the main trailer as well. The feedback will allow us  to make sure that we get the right codes and conventions so that our products meet the needs of the audience.

We have decided to construct the audience research in two forms. The first form was with the use of an online survey application. I wasn’t very comfortable with using survey monkey so I found a new way of collecting and creating new questions for this project. Fluid Survey allowed us to easy create the questions with multiple choice sections and text responses as well. The second form was a common and very effective way; this is the form of the filming of a focus group. We did this with three occupants that responded to the questions that we had constructed.



We chose respondents that would be the within the 15 – 18 age bracket. This is because this age group is getting increasingly more interested in the horror genre of films and this would be the perfect opportunity to get the views and opinions of the people who watch this type of genre.

Fluid Survey Analysis:

From this research we saw that there where more males and females and this is stereotype that we have found and this is that males prefer to watch horror films because most horrors films consist of violence, and jump scares that females aren’t that comfortable with watching. This information was the same with the focus group research that we constructed as well.

This is a graph that I have put together which shows the vast viewers of 15 – 18 and this is how popular the horror genre has become.

From this particular question alone I can now plan the designs in more depth for the creation of this project. Like my research I thought that the target audience should be between the age brackets 15 – 18. This I because they are the primary users/viewers of this type of film genre. Not only this but with being within these age brackets as well I know the specific ins and outs of what makes horror films good for this age range. Blood and Gore seems to be the main focus of any horror films and this is something that I am still thinking and incorporating within my own project however as I have found out from other questions asked, this may not be the case.

tgt Audience

This is another particular question which is going to influence my choose of designs/storyboarding. From what I assumed blood and gore was going to be the main focus for my horror films because 15 – 18 seems to be extremely attracted to anything that involves these factors. But from my research I found out that Parodic is the most popular aspect from the responses that I received. This was quite surprising and I will have to think about whether or not I am going to include some comedy parts within the trailer, if I am going to make it all comedy (Scary Movie) or if I am not going to do any Parodic events all together.

From this research alone this is definitely going to effect the decision making of this trailer because it will ultimately mean that will know how to specifically target this audience, through social media (which will be the major use of targeting) and the images etc, but also will help me to decide what conventions I will use, which will connote the ideas and feelings of the trailer and all of my ancillary work towards the audience that I have targeted and set in stone.

The sub genres within horror are going to be very important for me because it means that I will have to take into account what my audience are going to be more interested in watching and this is going to have an adverse effect of the overall outcome of the trailer. Furthermore I will have to get the balance just right to ensure that the audience that are watching my trailer and going to enjoy it and not be put off from it because of the type of horroer that I have decided to go with.

sub genres

These findings are something that I am not surprised to see. This is because regardless of the age range, the male gender was always going to be the main focus for my project. Not only this but males are more prone to watching horror films because they feel as though they can handle the sight of blood, gore or any of the psychological views/events within the films.


Focus Group Analysis:

We have also constructed and recorded a focus group with three people from the same age bracket that was so popular. We asked some very open questions which included:

  • What Do You Specifically Like About Horror Films?
  • Do You Watch Horror Films Regularly
  • Do All Horror Films Need To Include Gore/Violence And Why?
  • What Do You Expect To See From Horror Films?
  • Whats Your Ideal Version Of A Horror Film?


Dark colours and the way that the character is portrayed is vital for the success of this project. The audience had responded by saying that they would benefit from seeing dark colours because this is the typical stereotype and the colours that we would normally associate with horror trailers/films. This is going to be a key aspect because I want to make sure that the connotations and denotations given off by the colours within this construction are correct and that it looks good for the audience that I am targeting.

This information is for the horror genre as a whole we can also get research to help us with the individual projects such as the website and the poster (ancillary work)but the main focus of this was to help us with the creation of the trailer to make sure that we got it right when following conventions and getting the audience drawn in as well.


I did encounter some problems  when collecting the results, especially on Fluid Survey. This is because when asking “What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?” people weren’t responding seriously and they where responding with content that has no relation and will not help me in any way to plan and design the three aspects of this project.

However next time I feel I will ask the same question but give them a some options that they can just tick in order to make sure that the results aren’t serious and have relation to my context.

Overall I am very happy with the research that I undertook for this part of the project. with regards for the results, I have some mixed feelings because some of the information gathered, particularly with the smaller closed questions are going to be very helpful when deciding what factors to introduce when producing and planning the production of this film trailer.


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