Website Analysis – Paranormal Activity 4

For my next website that I will be analysing for the horro genre, it is Paranormal Activity 4. I don’t think that this website comes close to that of World War Z but it is very good in its own way. The first thing that I find good about this website is in fact the homepage. it is very simple but I think it is very effective as well. They have just simply shown what appears to be a quick glimpse of the film. I think that this is effective because it shows the girl happily sleep and then there is just a shadowy figure appearing in the background. This is a good technique for trying to entice the audience and this could be a good idea for trying to get them to watch the film on DVD, Blu Ray or a digital copy.


On the other hand they have added a feature which is of the same as World War Z. This is shown when you first go onto the webpage. As soon as the page loads a YouTube link opens with the trailer being shown to the public straight away. this is a good technique, and also a common convention, because it gives the audience of glimpse of the film and the first impressions about the film will be made up after viewing the trailer.


The actual simplicity of this website is something that I really like and I am thinking about doing something like this when it comes to creating the website.

With regard to the colour scheme they have done well in this area as well. They have kept to the common convention of using dark colours such as black and red. The use of the shadowy figure is very effective because even though it doesn’t fully show what it is to the audience it still connotes the mystical and slightly tense atmosphere. As a whole this feature is effective and I feel that I may use something along these lines when producing my own website for this project.

title PA4

Furthermore the way in which the title has been created is giving the sense that it is slowly fading away and I think that this represents the possible life of either the girl in shot or of the whole family.

Apart from the figure in the middle of the shot, this homepage is very basic and there isn’t anything to draw the attention away from the centre of the web page. With regards for the rest of the web page it has the typical conventions that are very common with, not just horror, but with any other film websites. There are other tabs such as “Gallery” and “About”.

menu pa4

These are good features to have because it means that fans feel as though they are getting exclusive access to behind the scene images or images of the web page that can persuade them to go and view the movie. This website, I think, subverts the features of a normal horror website because even though it does in fact shows some horror elements there is only one main image that really draws in the attention of the audience. Now this could seen as a good idea but I would feel more intrigued if there was something else on the home screen that shows me something else about this film.

Overall I like the way that this website has been constructed because there are certain aspects hat can leave the audience “on edge” because they don’t know the full story and this can be a good feature to use when creating website home pages.

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