Contemporary Films – Altmans Development

I will be analysis and looking for some films that relate to 4 the groups from Altmans stage of genre development and the four stages are:

  • Parodic
  • Primitive
  • Classical
  • Revisionist

Parodic – This stage of the genre development is effectively a parody and a comedy side of the original horror film. One example of a parodic is the Scary Movie franchise. Scary Movie 5 consists of Paranormal Activity, Cabin In  The Woods and Mama, Insidious and other horror films. The genre is represented in this film because there are glimpse of the original horror films such as paranormal activity and there are actually horror aspects in this film that have still got the fright factor about them.

Primitive –  This stage of the development process is the original film to be released and is also the formative stage as well. an example of this stage is the film The Devil’s castle in 1896 by Georges Melies. For that period of time this film was probably very effective because even though today it looks extremely basic and simple, the editing process of the main character suddenly appearing and disappearing without leaving the room physically. The horror genre is represented in this film because they have the main character (that of a vampire) terrorising and scary the people of the local town.

Revisionist – This section of the development process is the revisionist. This entails an original horror film being reevaluated and re-released . An example of this is Evil Dead. It was released in the 1980s and was then released again in 2013. Because of this film being released in 2013 the graphic where significantly better and as a result of this there was a increased fright factor and horrific sense about it. This genre also includes films that have been remastered and change the way that we seen this genre of film.

Classical – This part of the stage is where the genre hits the peak and that associations with this film start to become apparent. An example of this is the 1980s film Friday The 13th. Most of the conventions of this film such as the props are things that we know associate with the genre horror as a whole. Things such as the setting as well have become a major part of the horror genre because forests are isolated and secluded and help is near impossible. the classical films are as good if you compare them to the films of today but this was because the graphics aren’t as good as today but for the period of time this was probably the pinnacle of graphics and horror films.

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