Poster Analysis – Friday The 13th

The next and final poster that I will be analysing is the 2009 re-make of Friday The 13th.

This film poster follows all of the stereotypes that are used when creating a poster for a film of the horror genre

The first thing that I notice about the poster is the typography of the title. The title of the film is all in bold CAPITAL LETTERS and this is good because it will instantly get the attention of the audience. This makes it look as if it is being screamed/shouted at someone to try and get their attention also. The screaming/shouting is a typical convention that is used in horror films and in particular when trying escape the clutches of a killer. not only this but the title is, like all horror posters, in the colour red and this is the most common thing used because of what it signifies and connotes to the audience which is danger/anger and death.

Because of it also saying its made by the same producers as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” it will interest the reader an will then make them believe that they will be seeing the same level of gore and violence.


The weapon that is being shown is clearly a machete and this is very clear image and understanding of what the audience is gong to expect from this film. The machete is a clear sign that there is going to be a lot of violence and it is definitely going to be a bloodthirsty killing movie. Also the fact that the blade is in the dark and covered in blood  it just increasing the intensity and the gruesomeness of this possible notorious killer. It could be because of the background in which it is set, which is a dark and a very isolated area an where help would be near impossible.


The whole poster is shot with a low angle shot. As a whole this makes the character seem even more superior and an even greater danger to his victims. Overall his gives a sense of just how serious this person is towards the audience. Furthermore the use of the angle shows that he has the ultimate power and that she is more powerful and that his victims are very vulnerable when you visit crystal lake.

friday the 13th

The “hockey” mask that is covering his face is a vital and very significant prop as well that has been use very effectively. Because the mask is covering his face the audience, the denotation of this is that they can’t see what/how is feeling and this gives the impression that he has no remorse or doesn’t feel guilty for what he has been doing to his victims. It also stops us from seeing his emotions about what he has been doing in the forest with a machete. The lighting has played a massive role in this poster and this is because there is a small glimpse of it shining onto the side of his face. This shows that he means business and that he wants the audience to be focused on his face and not the fact that he is holding a blood stained machete in the middle of the forest.


And the final part of this film is the tagline at the top of the poster. “WELCOME TO CRYSTAL LAKE” is almost acting like an invitation for the audience and enticing them tot come and see the film and it also tells us the setting of the film. However we would normally associate the word “Crystal” with either the wealth, jewels/diamonds or if we where to associate it with a lake then this would be “crystal” clear but because he has the blood stained machete it gives the impression that the lake will definitely not be crystal clear at all.



From the findings and the analysis that I have undergone we have com to the conclusion that the idea of the forest like background within the poster will be the best option for us to do. This is because it can really set the scene for the plot of the film but also the idea of a secluded, isolated area gives the idea that help is going to be hard to come by and the victims will not be able to escape the first easily.

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