Poster Analysis – Dead Silence

The next poster that I will be analysing is for the film Dead Silence. The thing that is significant about this poster is the use of the doll as the main picture for the poster. The decaying hand in the foreground of the poster gives the impression of what the story is going to be like, of the undead, which is a common convention for most horror films. However the doll gives a sense of innocence because you wouldn’t normally associate childs dolls with anger, possible death or even horror.

Not only this but the way in which the title of the film is shown (Dead Silence) looks as if it shouldnt be there or as if it is dying and slowly fading away. This is also backed up with the colour of the background. A black background is a common convention because it gives a sense of the unknown which can easily build tension and suspense compared to something that is actually visible in the background.

The tagline is another specific part of the film as well. This is because it reads “YOU SCREAM. YOU DIE” which is actually a good tagline to use for this genre of film. When watching this film people are bound to scream and this could give the audience terror because they might feel that if they as much scream a little bit then they will be the next victim…..  This is also backed up with the image a the hand over the dolls face and telling the audience to “Shhhh”

I feel that this film poster follows the convention of a horror film. The reason as to why I believe this is because it is just a simple still photograph of what appears to be the perpetrator and the use of the black background gives the sense of the unknown and this is a very effective film poster. I feel that this film poster is quite close to the same effect as the film Chucky because that’s included a doll who was terrifying its victims.

dead silence

[Poster picture to be inserted]


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