AS Reflection Going Into A2

For my overall grade I feel that I did a lot better than I had originally expected. This is because I had never previously studied the subject before and I thought that I was going to get my target grade (D) or lower for the final result. However I achieved a grade C in the end and this came at a big surprise to me. The exam was the highlight of my AS media subject and this was because I had achieved a grade B and this was a big shock to me.


The exam was the thing that went well the best and I am very proud of achieving this grade and the coursework itself wasn’t as good as a I thought because I had achieved a grade D, I think that this was because I didn’t use my time as effectively as I should have done and this will be what I am going to do when making the transition into A2. I will use the free periods that I will accumulate and set aside this time to do media coursework or revision for the exam.


My goal for the first half term:

For the first half term that is coming up very soon I am going to set myself a realistic and achievable goal. I think that this goal will be to make sure that I am not behind for any work and that I am up to speed with the course as a whole. As well as this I will try and plan out time for certain aspects of the course and full understanding the course as well.

I believe that the success of last year will motivate me for this final year because I know that I can do media based questions and I do know what conventions go into produce media such as magazines and for this year a film trailer.  the film trailer especially because before we broke up for the summer we did a mini film task “A Day In The Life:” and this allowed me to test my filming skills and also the ability to edit for film as well. As a result I fell very confident going into the final year of Media.

My hopes and dreams going into the final year of Media will be to do the best that I possibly can and make sure that I achieve at least a grade C but anything better will be a bonus. this is because I originally thought that I wasn’t very good at media but from last year I have surprised myself a lot and I know that I can do Media at AS and hopefully A2


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