A2 Project

We are about to start the A2 project and the first thing that has to be established is what the roles are for each other.The group consists of me and Sam Stroud. The roles assigned to each other are as followed. Sam is going to be doing the website for this task, I am going to be doing the poster for our film and together as a group we are going to do the editing so that we can get the right input across to each other and make the film trailer to the absolute highest of our ability. We will be doing the horror trailer which will be backed up and supported with a website. This website will be an official website which will be advertising the film and giving feedback about the film as a whole.

The website will be done on Adobe Dreamweaver 8 because Sam has the ICT skills and the experience of using Adobe Dreamweaver to create websites. We will plan out he layout of the website and it shouldn’t take anymore than one day to complete the website and have it up and running ready and ready to use and be full functioning. Will also have a poster which will back up the film as well as promote it as well.

Throughout the course I will be uploading step by step progression of our project and they will be accompanied by a podcast which will be explaining what each piece is, WWW about it and what the next step is for construction.

We have the plans out and ready and the casting for this project has also been planned, all we need to do now is to plan out some shooting schedules and once we have agreed this and understand what is going to be done, we will begin constructing an we hope that this will go smooth ad well for this A2 project/course.


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