Trailer Analysis – Evil Dead

This trailer starts with the green rating screen displaying specific information. This is a common convention for all trailers because it means that it has been rated safe to view and there nothing that could potentially harm the viewers of this film.


Trailer opens with an Establishing Shot of the cabin that the majority of the films takes place. This is used to show the people who have seen the original Evil Dead Trilogy. Furthermore the fact that it is basically in the middle of nowhere and extremely isolated from any other civilisation, help can thrown out the window straight away. Also because the length of the shot is significantly long it implies and shows to the audience that the cabin holds danger and you can see the suspense building up.


The first real glimpse of the type of horror film that this is going to be is when the man slowly, but surely opens the bedroom door and we are displayed with a very isolated and frightened women in the form of a long shot. When she says “Please you have to get me out of here” she says it in a very slow and basic form to get the message across and something terrible or horrific is happening. They use a close up so that the audience can see the terror and ghostly look on her face as if she can’t cope with the situation of the house. It eve looks as if she has been “scared to death” but not literally.


The next scene show to the audience is with the use of a tracking shot and also as if the camera is the perpetrator chasing its next victim. during this time she says “there was something in the woods” in such a quiet and whisper like tone. This would have been done to let the audience know that this “something” is still in the woods. It could also imply because this creature is so evil and supernatural that the victims don’t know what it is or how to deal with the terror that it brings and is always around this secluded and isolated cabin. Also that this evil “thing” is in or around the cabin and could be listening to her every word. This is back up when it cuts to a clip saying “IT WILL CONSUME YOU” suggesting that the evil presence is out to get everybody and kill everyone that is out there or who will stand in the way of it.


The next part of trailer which makes the plot of the film even more significant is the fact that a book is found and that it has been wrapped up in black plastic bag and even barbed wire. This implies that this book is not to be touched or opened in anyway because the consequences that could arise because of this happening. However the man in the cabin decides that he is going to open it. Once opened it has “Leave this book alone” written in what I believe to be blood which would be seen as the main prop and sets up the rest of the film but also it would give the impression that the book is significant and linked to the frightened and terrified women that was previously shown. This method allows the viewer to make them feel as though they have made sense of the general idea of the film without them actually knowing any major plot points and that they won’t be ready for what will happen in the forcible future of this film.

This section of the trailer is shown through a series of Jump Cuts that occur very quickly, one after another. This shows the sense of panic that the woman was going through in the woods and the sense of panic that the man is experiencing when looking through the book. Because of the way that the book opens we see the typography that has been used to say the words “LEAVE THIS BOOK ALONE”. This phrase is written in red and what appears to be blood. This connotes that whatever happen to the book prior to it being opened wasn’t a good experience. Furthermore the use of blood is a common and typical convention that is used because it is a piece of iconography that is used in 99% of horror films that are released so frequently. And what is does is that it can connotate and denotate acttons which is clearly a common theme throughout this fil m shown through the trailer and the name of the film as well.

ED Book Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 08.54.06

The trailer uses a lot of those jump cuts that I previously spoke about and there is one significant scene and this is at the midway point of the trailer. The audience finally catches a glimpse of the girl who was on the bed earlier and from this we can see the transformation that she has gone through because of this evil spirit that has found itself with these people/victims. She slowly changes and this is the first time that the viewer sees this girl, her character is not explained in the trailer, but becomes apparent during the film.

ED Girl ED Horror

As a whole this is a very good trailer because it draws the audience into the film and gives them a sense of the plot of the film and helps to prepare them for what the actual film is going to be like when released.

Most of the films that I have been/will be reviewing are going to include the setting of a “cabin in the woods” and this something that is becoming increasingly more obvious and that I will be leaning towards this idea when designing and creating the storyboard for the trailer & poster that I will be creating for this unit/project.

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