Trailer Analysis – Insidious

Like most trailers there is the typical convention of the green rating screen. This shows that the trailer is safe to be viewed, an that it doesn’t contain any scenes that will be harmful to the viewers of this film.
green screen

A good way that they have drawn the audience is by using a part of the trailer to say “From the makers of Paranormal Activity and Saw”. This would appeal to lovers of the horror genre because they would have seen these two films and will expect the same sort of jumpy and out of the ordinary story line that the two previous films had and made them successful.

Other titles

There is an establishing shot of the house used and this is a good way to set the scene up for the rest of the movie. This also shows an extremely common convention for most horror films. This connotes that the film is being set in a house and secluded area. This is a good way of getting the audience fully involved within the film and the “house” can make them feel at home and getting comfortable right before something out of the ordinary happening. The use of the long pause when seeing this house would imply that it isn’t an ordinary home and that something will definitely happen to the occupants.

A high angle shot is used on the “mother” of the family. This is used to represent the fact that she is very vulnerable and scared and that something out of the ordinary is currently taking place, a supernatural/horrific nature. It also shows that she is open and that because she is not “powerful” and confronted that isn’t shown to the audience. Also the dropping of the phone could show that she has frozen and can’t believe her eyes when the “figure” appears and she fears for her life. This dropping of props/phone is another common convention because the character becomes frozen about what they have just seen.


The blood stained hand prints, especially them being fully shown, gives the connotation of something horrible or even fatal because the hand states that the victim was dragged away or tried to hurt the victim in anyway. Also the blood soaked hands gives the impression of a violent action sequence, as well as the fact that the monster/creature is continuously going to haunt them until they either leave the home or something worse happens. The two shot has been used effectively here because it shows the two main characters immersed in the challenge of the superstition activities in this film. Along with the blood stained hand prints and the use of the two shot is a common convention used in most horror films to get the audience drawn into and so they feel apart of the film as well.

Hand prints

This is a typical convention of horror film; this person is the knowledgeable one who provides the main information and could be the key to finding out the problem for this house. They use a close up to give the audience a sense of just how knowledgeable the older lady is and that this lady is more than likely going to their final hope of resolution. Also just by the way that she looks at the ceiling you can see the experience that she has had with similar cases and she may be the sole helper for this family and to find the evil source that has haunted this house and the family living in it.


The way in which the name of the film being displayed is significant as well. After a couple of scenes the word “INSIDIOUS” starts to creep close and closer to the screen to show that the terror and the creature within is going to get closer and be closer than what you may think. The use of the quick and hard jump cuts gives a sense of fear and terror into the viewers. Furthermore it can be used to show that audience that once is gets really close it’s too late and the creature will appear….

closer 1

getting closer

The creature shown at the end of trailer is common and close resemblance of evil and the devil Satan. This gives the impression that its serious, the situation that they are in and this use of the devil is a common convention and is the main plot of most horror films. Another convention that is commonly used when making a Horror Trailer is the use of Jump Scares. This is when an image or a person will appear on the screen unexpectedly for a short amount of time. This creature at the end is perfect example of this. The use of this sudden appearance of the creature is being used very effectively because it is something the audience wouldn’t quite expect to see all off sudden and as a result this will have an effect on the audience by it will leaver them uncomfortable, shocked and even scared to see this film.

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