Trailer Analysis – Dark Skies

Like the previous trailer, this one also involved what appears to be a normal family trying live a normal life.

The use of the boy turning around with the light shining on one side of his face gives the feeling that the boy isn’t comfortable with what is happening and he feels that something terrible is going to happen. Furthermore this shows the suspense and terror possibly because of the unusual surroundings. Also the location is a quiet road at night with barely any visibility and sets the scene for something to either appear from nowhere or someone to appear from nowhere.

Boy turning around

The next is the creepy/unusual symbol that is being portrayed onto the ceiling of the house. This shows the level of terror that the women feels for her and her family because all of the doors and windows get locked. This also gives a sense of terror into the audience because it is out of the ordinary.

The blood on the windows and the constant bombardment of birds hitting from and killing themselves when hitting the windows shows the sense of an eerie nature because this something that would not happen in everyday. This type of scene is a common convention in many horror films because it starts off with one slowly and then all of a sudden they are just hit with, in this case birds, coming faster and at different angles can put a real sense of fear and terror because they just don’t know what to do. Also the use of a high angle shot is showing the audience the vulnerability and low sense of power compared to the situation that they are in. It could also be because women are seen as less powerful and more vulnerable to whatever that may be in front of them.

There is also a specific part which might seem odd to the audience is when it says “Three different migrations at once” which would be enough to get the audience thinking and get them stuck into the story and terror that is a part of this film.

birds High Angle

This film is a good example of a horror film and some of the effects and plot of the story is something that I will continue to think about when producing and creating my own horror film. Furthermore the use of the different close ups and angle shots particualary on the female of the film is a good way to show the audience that she is going to the most vulnerable and more scared character out of the remaining characters within this films

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