A Day In The Life – Evaluation

This is the YouTube link to our video for this day in the life project (Finished): 

The aim of this task was to create a small preliminary film clip that was going to last between 3:30 – 5:00 minutes. We had to makes sure that the film clip was right for the audience and that it was going to eye catching and nor boring or the audience at the same time. Also the aim of this was to get used to doing film production because it is a big step up from the AS course in which we did a magazine cover.  We were hoping that this video was going to be a mockumentary type film clip.

My role for the production of this task was to bring all of our ideas together and turn it into out final film clip of Kyran Schneider. I was also working with my co-editor: Sam Stroud, and I feel that we have worked well with the videos that we were given.

I think that the media language that we portrayed across to the audience was very good, this is because we made sure that we had an array of sound or different editing transactions so that the narrative would stay in focus. furthermore we tried to use a variety of camera angles to ensure that we were making best of the camera angles with the resources that we had. The reaction as a whole was kind of what we had originally anticipated but to be honest I thought that it was better than what I personally had anticipated the film clip t be when shown to the rest of the audience. Furthermore I think that we used the right amount of camera angles to connote the life of Kyran for the audienec and I believe that we had achieved this throughout the project.

As a result of doing this project I have learnt to be a bit more adventurous with all forms of writing/scripting  and filming or clips. Also I have learnt a bit more about effects and how to make sure that the music that was being played was going to be in time with the rest of the clip and whether or not it was going to faded out/in correctly.

A skill that I had developed was mainly during the editing process as a whole. I had learnt some new things from my co editor Sam Stroud and hopefully I will keep these new skulls and carry them forward to the main production and even further in life.

For the main production I plan to make sure that I be more prepared and that there is a schedule that is clear and easy to follow. Not only this but I need to  make sure that I have all of the relevant and correct film clips so that I can spend a bit more time that I had for this task to do editing and making it look eye catching for the audience.

And finally I think that this video production has been a success overall and I am really happy with the outcome of the film clip.

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