Story Board

In todays lesson we have learnt all about story boarding in preparation for the start of our starter project: “A Day In The Life…” The thing that came across as the most significant part was the framing and the rule of thirds. The framing is going to be a key concept because I will need to make sure that the centre of interest is correct and in shot. Furthermore we learn about the rule of thirds which was the fact that the spaces/ lines, vertically and horizontally would need to be equally spaced so that the quality of the picture is perfect and in focus a well. This is an example of the Rule Of Thirds.


For storyboarding the film clip we would need to make sure that we use different camera angles such as extreme close ups and panning shots to make sure that it comes across as visually appealing for the target audience that the film is made for. As well as this the storyboard would ned to detailed and and specifically show what is going to happen in each “scene” and whether or not it will be a key part of the film as a whole. Sound is something that will be highly thought of as well as sound effects to make sure that the film clip is not boring and that it is appealing for the target audience.

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